ClassPass is launching its new program today in Montreal

ClassPass is launching its program today in Montreal, and I couldn’t resist sharing the news! It is the largest fitness club and now, we too can have access to over 150 local studios and gyms available on the platform. What’s even better, is that ClassPass is offering one free month at the gym!!!

ClassPass is a platform that offers different subscription options for all budgets. With one subscription, you can access courses and workshops in more than 22,000 studios and gyms worldwide!

ClassPass sur le cellulaire

ClassPass already exists in Canada, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto and also in 21 countries. The wide choice of locations allows members to choose from a range of fitness activities including yoga, cycling, HIIT, boxing, bar, crossfit, zumba and more. Doesn’t it make you want to break a sweat?

I appreciate how simple it is to use: select a plan and choose from a vast choice of courses and experiences around the world! You can search by activity, location, time and even benefits offered. All classes can be booked directly via the app!

What I like about the ClassPass app – which I will test in the upcoming days -, is that I can discover new things. Between you and me, I would never join a CrossFit class… but, I’d like to try it at least once. You know, to be sure that it’s not for me!

ClassPass yoga class

Also, my schedule tends to be overbooked and unstable, so I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to commit to a certain day and time… If I’m free and have the time, I can just book a class, and that’s that. Isn’t technology wonderful?

For a limited time, you can have a free month at the gym to try ClassPass. Just click here to start your subscription:

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