Fall to winter, or how my skin cringes when seasons change

I’m sure I’m not the only who feels this when the seasons change : my skin starts to get dry, my hands crack, my face dulls and looses its elasticity… It gets worse when it’s the fall to winter period, when the dryness of the inside (thank you heaters!) combined with the cold and humid temperature outside makes my skin want to crawl back to bed. The more seasons pass, the more sensitive I get. Over the years, I have tested lots and lots of products, and have been disappointed more than once. To help you find products that will let you enjoy the sweater weather – and soon coat weather – here are a few products I’ve discovered and learned to love. All of them are from Canadian companies, and are made here, and most of them are made with natural and clean products.

Glycolic Peel LASPA seasons change


I tried the intensive anti-aging glycolic peel, which is an overnight treatment, and the moisturizing mineral sunscreen from LASPA. I love the products because they are made with natural ingredients, are made in Canada and are cruelty-free. The anti-aging kit is wonderful, leaving my skin softer and more clear. Exfoliating is important when the seasons change and this is a perfect product to help make your skin wonderful.

The SPF-30 sunscreen is fragrance-free and leaves the skin smooth, and not greasy at all. We tend to forget sunscreens after summer, but it’s super important to use it year-round. The sun can still damage your skin in fall and winter, so protecting it is a must.

You can buy LASPA products online, or find a spa near you that sell the products.

pravi beauty products


Pravi is another line of natural cosmetics that are vegan and cruelty-free, and great for the skin. I tested the facial scrub and the glowing gel mask. The facial scrub has an exquisite scent and is made with papaya extracts and volcanic rocks. I find the sensation on the skin while it scrubs is wonderful. It first tried it on my hand, comparing it with the other, and it was remarkable how soft the one that was scrubed with the Pravi product was.

A week after exfoliating, I used the glowing gel mask, leaving it on for 20 minutes. It has a nice, soft smell to it and isn’t sticky or cakey. It left my skin so soft and fresh. It is made with white argile, aloe vera and B5 provitamins. The gel mask won the Clin d’Oeil Choice of Expert 2020 in the Clean Beauty category! Just saying…

For more info, click here.


Karine Joncas

Hand sanitizers are all over the place because of the COVID pandemic. They are important to use, but most leave my hands dry and irritated. When I received the Karine Joncas hand sanitizer on-the-go, I was skeptical. Made with cucumber, B5 provitamins and Hyaluronic Acid, I gave it a try. The results blew my mind! It didn’t cause my hands to dry-up and I became less irritated. You can easily slip it in your purse or pocket, so you always have it with you.

I also tried the Global décolleté expert serum, which has a push-up effect as well as anti-aging, firming, smoothing and anti-sagging properties. It’s great for the skin on the neck, cleavage and breasts. We often forget that part of our bodies, and it definitely needs some TLC. You can’t expect a miracle, it’s not a surgical breastlift, but I noticed that my skin is gettting smoother, suppler and firmer.

You can buy Karine Joncas’ products at Jean Coutu, or online here.

baume mere nature

Les Mères Nature

Hand sanitizers and frequent washes are hands’ worst nightmare, so to give my hands a little break, I use the Gentle Balm from Les Mères Nature. It’s thick and ultra-moisturizing and really soothes the skin. It’s made with beeswax and cannabis oil, and smells like lavander. I don’t suggest you use it just before working or cooking, since it’s really envelopping. Put it on in the evening, after supper, while watching your fave tv shows. Your hands will thank you.

To discover all of Les Mères Nature’s products, click here.

Inspirata Nature

I discovered this line of products in a yoga expo about 3 years ago, and bought the Vata body oil. I have been addicted since! It’s perfect when the seasons change, and  it’s made with plants grown in Quebec. Regular use of this product relieves stress, reduces joint pain and nourishes the skin. I particularly use it on my rough spots, like my heels and my elbows. When I’m feeling stressed, I apply on my hands, my temples and neck, and I take the time to massage it into the skin. It is also perfect for bedtime rituals, to soothe your mind and skin before going to bed.

To check out Inspirata Nature’s products. click here.

Lise Watier

I can’t go without the Spa Fondant Moisturizing Lip Therapy, which is perfect for chapped and dry lips. It is made with Shea butter, and vitamin E, and make my lips so soft. Just putting it on my lips is heavenly! What season change?

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